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Website design links:
Cey Adams,
Art Direction/Design
Fort Greene Park Conservancy
DIsneykins.com DIsneykins.com
Fort Greene Park Conservancy
Classic Disney collectibles by Marx Toys
Celebrated graphic artist & photographer based in Brooklyn, NY
Historic Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, NY
Listed in: SaveDisney.com's Best Disney-Related Websites listings and "America's Best Websites," Fall 2003 edition.
Cey has worked for clients like Def Jam Records & The Beastie Boys, & recently designed imited edition sneakers for Adidas.
Listed in: "America's Best Websites," Fall 2003 edition.
DGA Lighting Associates
Ant Farm Sculptures by Kristen Benson
South Oxford Street Block Association
Domingo Gonzales Lighting
Domingo Gonzales Lighting
Domingo Gonzalez Associates - a major NYC lighting design firm
Handmade Jewelry by Artist and Designer, Kristen Benson
Block Association in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY
Domingo Gonzalez Associates recently redesigned the lighting for the GW Bridge
Brooklyn-based artist and designer.
Abby designs and writes the website for this local block association. website.
Jewelry by
Kristen Benson
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Barbara Jo Howard Public Relations
Kirstenbenson.com Emmons Laboratory
Handmade Jewelry created by Kristen Benson Emmons laboratory
Independent Public Relations firm
Artist and designer who uses uncommong stones and beads from all over the world. Emmons Laboratory researches the C. elegans worm and is part of AECOM at Yeshiva University, NY
Barbara Jo Howard headed the Census 2000 public relations campaign for the US government.
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