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The above chart illustrates the number of units within each income tier of the 2,250 apartments being planned as part of the "Affordable Housing" sector of the Atlantic Yards project. The affordable housing section is roughly 30% of the total number of units. The remaining 5,200+ units will be either condominiums or market rate rentals.
Despite the developer's promises (they make a lot of promises at the beginning), the affordable housing units can be built somewhere else (off-site), or never built at all.
If the project goes through as now planned, the first apartments are expected to become available in 2010 (at the earliest) - when Phase 1 of the construction is completed. Phase 1 includes three towers, the arena, the signature skyscraper "Miss Brooklyn," and a hotel across the street. Phase 2 (with the remainder of the housing) is expected to be finished sometime after 2016.
Which units are planned to built first? The affordable housing or the condos?
A question about the project's supporters: Why are minority groups like ACORN putting their faith in mulitmillionaires and billionaires like Ratner, Pataki and Bloomberg to look out for their interests - while disregarding the protests and real environmental concerns of the middle class homeowners and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods? Who has the most to gain, or lose from this project? Follow the money.
Click here to see the actual Ratner Housing Chart on which this graph is based upon.
Click to see more images from the DEIS Report including the shadows that will enshroud your home and your future prospects of parking your car!
Read about the promise & failure of Battery Park City and how 20,000 low-income apartments turned in 1,500.
The low-income housing "bait and switch" scam has happened before in NYC.
Read the article from The New York Times
about the city's broken pledge to the poor

Read City Project's The Failure of Battery Park City report. City Project is a non-partisan public policy organization.
What You Can Do Right Now!
It's important to express your opinion now to our local officials and representatives. Use these contact links NOW!
Contrary to what the Ratner people want you to think, the Atlantic Yards Development is NOT a done deal. Otherwise why would the Ratner Company still be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in Public Relations? If it goes through we will paying for this fiasco for the rest of our lives!
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