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All numbers are based upon research and speculation. If you have the exact figures email us.
Above is an estimated breakdown of the total number of apartments in Phase One of the project, incorporating the recently-approved 8% scale back. The much-touted 8% percent reduction is in reality a bogus public relations stunt which brings the project back to its original size from the 2003 unveiling. After the 8% reduction in size, the total number of apartments will decrease slightly, but the percentage of "truly affordable" apartments will shrink considerably -- from ACORN's required 50% to only 30%. This designates only 55 truly affordable apartments for Brooklyn families making below $28,360*. These figures could change if Ratner revises their plans again, but remember, first and foremost, they have to make their profit.
Atlantic Yards is to be constructed in two Phases. Phase 1 is the front-end of the development, running from the intersection of Flatbush & Atlantic to South Portland Avenue. Phase 1 includes Miss Brooklyn, the 20,000 seat arena, the four luxury towers that surround it, and a hotel on the PC Richards site -- as well as eminent-domain-fueled destruction of Pacific Street. The completion date for Phase 1 has recently been moved back to 2013. Phase 2 encompasses the blocks between South Portland and Vanderbilt Avenues - and claims more of Pacific Street. (See Path of Destruction). The start date of Phase 2 construction has recently been revised to 2013 or later.
What the chart above basically means is that 97% of the Atlantic Yards apartments built in Phase One of construction will be for families making $28,361 and up*. The remainder of the "affordable" housing is planned for Phase Two of the construction.
But Phase Two may never be built. At the recent City Planning Commission hearing the Ratner Company gave no guarantees.
So this is the result of the original "community" groups and their much-touted "historic community benefits agreement"? Come on, couldn't you do better than this?: The hideous Miss Brooklyn, luxury condos, market-rate rentals, an upscale mall, an arena with sky boxes and a private roof garden, a luxury hotel, a corporate office building, massive traffic jams, and a giant parking lot stretching from South Portland to Vanderbilt? Heckava job! Perhaps you were only concerned about yourselves and your own financial rewards. But look at the bright side, giant cyclone-fenced parking lots always help alleviate urban blight in a neighborhood.
Talk about a bait and switch. As P.T. Barnum said, "there's a sucker born every minute." Can you say "‘jobs, housing, and hoops"?
(*Note: according to the US Census the median family income in Brooklyn is $36,188. To learn more about the current versus the proposed economic breakdown of the surrounding neighborhoods, see the Gentrification Boom).
All numbers are based upon research and speculation, and are subject to change at any moment. If you have the exact figures email us.
Abby Weissman emailed Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz with questions about the sale of the Yards to Ratner for $100 million. Read his response and follow up correspondence.
Read about the promise & failure of Battery Park City and how 20,000 low-income apartments turned in 1,500.
The low-income housing "bait and switch" scam has happened before in NYC.
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about the city's broken pledge to the poor

Read City Project's The Failure of Battery Park City report. City Project is a non-partisan public policy organization.
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Contrary to what the Ratner people want you to think, the Atlantic Yards Development is NOT a done deal. Otherwise why would the Ratner Company still be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in Public Relations? If it goes through we will paying for this fiasco for the rest of our lives!
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